Chief & Council


Christine Walkem


Wilfred Paul


Tina Draney


Pearl Hewitt


Strategic Plan

Responsible Leadership

Our leadership follows clear policies, demonstrates skilled governance, highly engaged through transparent external communications, and follows proper internal communications protocol.
  • Establish, update, and implement policies and organisational management and processes
  • Effectively work together to fulfill the roles and responsibilities of Council
  • Ensure there is effective management for the Indigenous government
  • Develop and implement effective communications for key audiences
  • Ensure succession planning is defined and included to involve the next generations

Strengthening Capacity

Members are equipped with education, skills and training, and a sense of life long learning; that creates pride in reaching their goals towards self-sufficiency.
  • Ensure student learning opportunities exist and are supported
  • Improve communications concerning available educational resources
  • Ensure capacity for educational training
  • Ensure strategies exist that support Members to achieve their educational goals

Healthy Living and Preservation of Traditions

A healthy connected community where culture is the foundation; for healing, for people to learn and share knowledge, care for one another.
  • Revitalize the Nlaka’pamux language and culture
  • Offer regular cultural community events and opportunities to gather
  • Support access to non-traditional healthcare services
  • Provide resources and support for those in need
  • Develop approaches that encourage healthy lifestyles and participation in the community

Sustainable Growth

Band’s Title and Rights are protected; prospects involving lands and resources are pursued, in alignment with our values that ensure long-term prosperity for our Members.
  • Effectively co-manage the Traditional Territory, on and off Reserve lands, and private and leased lands
  • Actively consult on economic expansion opportunities considered for our Traditional Territory
  • Business planning that identifies new projects to increase revenues for our Band
  • Advance partnerships and create new diversified and productive business ventures
  • Create economic opportunities that encourage and support Members’ involvement in business,
    technical and entrepreneurial skills

Stable Infrastructure

Our vibrant community has access, on and off reserve, to adequate infrastructure to address the demands for current and future growth in economic development and community. We identify community priorities and implement plans for:
  • Identify community priorities and implement plans for: i) Housing expansion and care;
    ii) Road preservation; iii) Facilities development; iv) Infrastructure improvement; v) Lands
    management and economic development advancement; and, vi) Agricultural growth